I did not believe that would be able to improve skiing so well in my late years . Thank you!

Martin Gliss, March 2018.

Thank you, my girlfriend rid of fear, now we ski together.

Novak Djordjević, February 2018.

Great program for kids!

Lazović Ilija, January 2018.

My kids have fallen in love with the ski sport thanks to you!

Marija Pavlovic, Novembar 2017.

You have done great work with small children, we noticed progress every day.

Slobodan Negic, 2017.

We will come next year for sure.

Marija Popović, Februar 2016.

Thank you for everything, children are overjoyed.

Jelena Stojanovic, Januar 2016.

My kids had a great time with MM ski school!

Robin Pauel, January 2016.

More then great, we spent an amazing holiday!

Samantha Richardson, February 2015.

The program is great! You keep this up!

Porodica Mijacic, February 2013.

The program is very nice, adjusted to children of that age, the instructors are very kind and patient. Go for it!

Andrija Bjelosevic,  February 2013.

I love it, it is a nice, relaxed, interesting. I am taking individual lessons with a very good and interesting instructor who knows how to transfer knowledge. I have no objections.

Katarina Perisic, January 2013.

This is our first year at your school and we are happy :). Suggestion: Maybe shorten the lunch break to 90min.

Marija Tadic Milosevic , January 2013.

The program is excellent, the first time such an organization in Kopaonik ski school ... We are very satisfied with the performance and children care. Recommendation to all parents and adults coming to Kopaonik, if they want to learn to ski, they must be students of MM ski school. Do they last longer in this composition and organization of work!

Nebojsa Stojanovic,  January 2013.

Well organized school. Dedicated to the needs of children with an engaging ski instructor. Hope it works next year!

Marija Stanojevic, December 2012.