Специальное предложение

Advanced ski training for 6 days

Starting on Monday



PRICE 258€

Rate is in €, per person and includes:

  • 5 hours of skiing 10.00h-13.00h and 14.00h-16.00h
  • Lunch break in a restaurant on slopes 13.00h – 14.00h
  • Insurance (refers to citizens of the Republic of Serbia and foreign nationals residing in Serbia)


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  • Group lesson is booked only if deposit is paid, least first day of chosen package (difference before lesson starts)
  • The cancellation of booked group lesson is only acceptable 24h prior to its beginning, otherwise a cancellation fee of full amount has to be charged
  • Group lessons that include lunch are valid only for children up to 15 years old
  • Minimum number of participants in a group is 4 and maximum is 8
  • Group lessons must be taken consecutively.
  • 1 group lesson lasts 1h and 50min.(actual time on snow will vary depending weather conditions, the group ability and stamina)
  • Refunds are issued only due to injury or illness, with a certificate from the local doctor. The difference only will be repaid (for each day lesson has not started).
  • Cancelled lessons due to weather conditions will not be refunded.
  • Rates do not include equipment and ski pass. Payment is required for children over 5 years of age. (Kindly check price list PE "Ski Resorts of Serbia")



Methods of payment in the country:

  • Means of payment: bank transfer, credit card
  • If paid in Serbia should be in RSD (Republic Serbia Dinars), in accordance with the middle exchange of NBS on a payment day.
  • For the international bank transfers all bank fees are to be charged from your account.
  • MM SKI- SPORT reserves the right to change the rates due to monetary market fluctuation.



Dear skiers,
If you are not registered and do not settle your obligations at the booking of the ski school:

  • you are not eligible to complaints on the quality of ski and snowboard lessons;
  • you are not insured against accidents;
  • you deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy skiing in accordance with safety and technical standards