Kopaonik Training Ski Camps

Winter is about to begin, with the first snow with it. For most people, winter represents transitory season before spring when the only goal is to tuck in under bedcover and go through the winter watching movies and sitcoms. Teenagers and children especially look forward to this. But for many other people winter is much more than this: an ideal period for new experiences, new adventures and trying out winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding.

Skiing is the perfect way to be active during winter months, to fill yourself with good energy and try something new. If you think skiing is difficult, you are probably right, but everything in life is difficult until you try it for the first time. And then, with a good instructor and acquiring skills and knowledge- the road to pleasure is not far away.

Clean air, the sun and daily physical activity are the very three things that lack in winter months which an active stay on snow can provide you with. If you are a parent: do not let your child sleep over the winter at home, but afford them an unforgettable experience at Kopaonik. Your child only needs good mood and good will, everything else is on this beautiful mountain.

Why Kopaonik?

Kopaonik is our most famous mountain and there is a reason for it. It is a proud home of many coniferous woods that give its visitors idyllic atmosphere of peace and quiet. It is the right place for winter holiday and rest from everyday life and polluted city air, because the air at Kopaonik is something special: clean, fresh and healing. And above all, there are unique wintry landscapes that take your breath away.

The most important things at Kopaonik are ski tracks. They are very well known and favourite to experienced skiers. They are also perfect for beginners, because even if they have never skied before or experienced any ski track, at Kopaonik, they will manage very easily. The easiest and safest way is with the help of the instructor.

Best way to achieve success is with the help of experienced instructors who were once children themselves, at the beginning, with no knowledge and shaky knees, but with will and desire to practice. Today, they are people who have devoted their life and career to skiing and are ready to share with others their knowledge and experience they have been acquiring for years.

Do not let this winter be passive and sleepy. Use all the benefits that this season and our magical mountain give you at the most. Your child will be grateful and will ask you to come to Kopaonik next year and be a member of our skiing family again.