Skiing: You are a beginner- so what?

Walk in the snow in the mountains is a nice and healthy activity, sitting in a café drinking hot tea and sending messages on your mobile phone, too, but you can`t say you went on a winter holiday if you hadn`t skied!

If you haven`t done this amazing activity on the snow before, then it is the right time to start doing this fun and attractive sport.

We know there are various fears that are stopping you from going in direction of ski tracks, but we have- the answers to all your questions.

Me: But I am a beginner- I have never skied before!

It`s an excellent excuse to go back to your walk, tea or your mobile phone (oh, yes...we know you are not going to take your book and read). However, this excuse is not worthwhile because:

  • You learned how to walk and you used to crawl before that (your first success!);
  • You learned how to ride a bicycle you hadn`t known how to ride before;
  • You learned how to swim and dive...

Remember as many things as you can you DIDN`T know and you know now! Remember the minimum effort it took to enjoy doing activities that were even a little bit scary before that. So, the conclusion imposes for itself: a little bit of pain and effort and here is an excellent skill you can master!

Why skiing?

ProSimple maths says: when we connect winter and a beautiful mountain covered in fine snowy blanket, where you breathe clean and fresh air, and when we add physical activity with lots of adrenaline and dynamics, we get a perfect combination in the form of one of the most amusing winter sports- skiing.

As we have already mentioned in the text before, skiing is an exquisite sport which does not only include physical, but also mental, social and emotional aspects of our being and there is no age or gender limit for doing it except, of course, if it is forbidden by the doctor.

Ok… you convinced me… but HOW to begin?

The safest way for you to start your winter adventure is to find an adequate ski school and a reliable instructor who will give you answers to all your questions and doubts and who will certainly tell you how to start with your skiing lessons, and what is perhaps more important, how to get to like this sport.

As we have already said, don`t lose faith if you want to learn how to ski in your advanced age. The only potential barrier is the one you can create in your head. Skiing is healthy and fun and there is no reason why you should deny yourself the pleasure it can give you.

Additional piece of advice

Don`t be afraid and simply accept that falls are part of the learning process! Of course, every instructor will teach you how to get up and to consider falls as something ordinary when it comes to skiing.

Like in every sport, beginnings are marked with various situations that sometimes can be awkward due to potential injuries. Therefore, don`t be stubborn or even worse- prone to defeatism- like everything in life, accept everything that happens as an integral part of the learning process. If you fall, get up and try again and again, and what is most important- laugh it out and have fun! Everything will be worthwhile when you go down the track for the first time. Good luck!