Swing into pleasure

If you want to learn to ski or ride a snowboard do it with professional instructors. Like any other sport activity, skiing and snowboarding are best learned when taught from the beginning and learn right way. All of our instructors are well trained and have necessary licenses for training. Many of them have the highest skiing qualifications possible and with a policy of continued education and training, we guarantee the highest level of instruction.

We pay special attention to children in order to achieve the best possible results in their groups. Your kids can safely learn to ski in special skiing area of our ski school under the watchful eye of our instructors. Ski area is solely intended for those of our skiing and snowboarding schools and specially equipped with a conveyor belt and properties so the kids could learn to ski in a creative way and through the game, but first fell in love with this winter sport and then learn the technique of skiing and skiing independently in a safe way.