1. Prepare your little skier for ski school, explain how much fun it will be
  2. Be early enough in the place where classes start and come on time to pick up your child after training
  3. If your child arrives late, the group will begin the lesson nevertheless, so the other children aren’t penalized. If, for a reason out of your control, you are less than 10 minutes late, a supervisor will guide your child to his or her group. If you are more than 10 minutes late, it will be your responsibility to find your child’s group.
  4. Dress your child depending on weather conditions, warm clothes, ski mask, glasses; bring another pair of gloves, wipes…
  5. Take your child to the toilet before ski school lessons
  6. Have confidence in the instructor (kindly, do not train or learn to ski your child) and please leave your child alone with the instructor during skiing lessons and during the lunch break
  7. Tell the instructor about what he/she should know about your child ( If your child suffers from an allergy or illness…)
  8. Do not impose your ambitions to your children, support your child no matter what
  9. Be aware of children's fears
  10. Our Snow Schools’ philosophy is SAFETY, FUN and LEARNING , that means to learn and progress in a fun and secure environment. Because each child is different and has its own learning rhythm, our instructors keep in tune with his or her needs and support them throughout their program. A ski evaluation is variable and complex. Therefore it is not uncommon for a child to remain at the same level two years in a row. It doesn’t mean that your child doesn’t improve, but that the next level will be significant.
  11. Actual time on snow will vary depending on weather conditions, the group ability and stamina.
  12. Do not force your children in to the sport with the idea of being a world champion, they should learn to love it first
  13. Uniqa insurance Information for the contractor and the insured
  14. By paying lessons you accept Statement and agreement on the security of user services and compensation
  15. When you pick up your child, please give notice of departure!
  16. A group lesson for children is recommended if you plan to ski alone while your child is in a ski lesson. The group class is advantageous because the children are supervised during the lunch break. The child can be picked up during the lunch break, have lunch with the family, and then return to the afternoon class.


Dear skiers,
If you are not registered and do not settle your obligations at the booking of the ski school:

  • you are not eligible to complaints on the quality of ski and snowboard lessons;
  • you are not insured against accidents;
  • you deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy skiing in accordance with safety and technical standards