Another amazing winter activity that is becoming more and more present and popular, especially among younger population, is certainly snowboarding. This winter sport represents a perfect mixture of adrenaline and good fun, all that on deep snow.

Sherman Poppen is considered a "father" of snowboarding, who invented it by tying two skis with a rope. In time, the sport itself became an integral part of Olympic and Paralympic games.

In general, today, there are a series of different models of snowboards that represent top master pieces of sports equipment designers.

The board is approximately 155cm long, 28cm wide and 1cm thick. It is technically called a snowboard or a skiing board, while the most often used term is simply- a board.

Its basis is wood, most often beech or poplar, sometimes even birch. The base of the board is made of polyethylene, treated with wax, as a rule, which enables smooth sliding on the snow. The edge of the board is a metal stiffener whose sharpness allows moving on the ice and capturing sharp curves.

The difference between skiing and snowboarding is basically this: there is one board you stand on instead of two and you don`t use sticks. Of course, both legs are tied to the board, and having in mind the specificity of snowboarding practice, hips are much more active in snowboarding than in skiing.

Like skiing, snowboarding is a sport full of adrenaline, very interesting and a fine way to spend time on the snow and fresh air. The beauty of this discipline also lies in its complexity, i.e. its combination of other sports such as skateboarding, skiing and surfing. There are many styles of snowboarding, such as Freeride, Freestyle and Freecarve, which makes it real art on the snow, so that those who don`t participate can enjoy by mere watching.

Freeride, most often used style, is present on the majority of the mountains, while freestyle is the most popular with snowboarders. It consists of a large number of jumps, tricks and switches during the ride. Freecarve, known also as Alpine snowboarding, is focused on speed and racing. There are almost no jumps in this style, it attracts those who seek speed and is performed on hard beaten tracks and focused on curving turns.

This discipline is for both men and women, but unlike skiing, it is still less popular among older population and is more exercised by younger people.

There are also differences in the rest of the equipment needed for snowboarding and, of course training, within which this discipline is learned and improved.

Although some may find this sport more complicated than skiing for many reasons, we still recommend you to strengthen your will and try something new and beautiful. We are sure you won`t regret it!