Use the beaty of magical Kopaonik and be in safe hands

Mountain Kopaonik is considered one of the most precious gems in Serbia. It is also known as the Silver Mountain, it stretches from the northwest to the southeast at 75km length with a highest point of 2017 metres. One of its parts is under Kopaonik National Park, within which there is a great number of natural, protected parts, but also the largest ski centre in Serbia.

In lower parts of Kopaonik there are woods and pasture zones, in higher parts coniferous zones- spruce and fir tree woods and beech and oak woods on the sides. Therefore, it is a paradise for eyes and lungs, an oasis of peace and serenity, with cool, fresh air and one of the most outstanding views that contribute to it.

Apart from its rich and magical nature, this mountain is pretty urbanised and one of the most visited winter destinations. There are many reasons why to come to Kopaonik and many people think they didn`t even go skiing if they had not spent at least seven days at Kopaonik, because Kopaonik gives you something you can`t find in other places.

What are the ways to enjoy your stay at Kopaonik

Besides enjoying your walk in the centre of Kopaonik which is completely organised and arranged, this place can boast about good fun and rich night life and this is the reason why young people choose to go there very often. However, Kopaonik is an excellent choice for families with children, too, who can enjoy various contents and winter activities such as sledging, skiing and skating. Visitors of all ages will definitely enjoy having their hot beverages in numerous cafés, but also tasting most delicious local specialties in first-class restaurants, too.

Ski tracks

But again, what this mountain is globally well-known for are fantastic ski tracks that give to the fans of this sport an unforgettable experience. Each descent is a small true adventure, whether you are an experienced skier or you have just started learning about this amazing sport and winter activity.

However, as much experience as you might have, each terrain has its characteristics and the safest way to protect yourself and your closest ones from any unforeseen situations is to find an adequate ski school. This practically means finding a reliable instructor who will answer all your questions and doubts and direct you and encourage you in a proper way, and what is most important, prepare you to use all benefits of dazzling tracks at Kopaonik.

MM ski school

Our school is in the centre of activities and what it exactly has to offer are the people who will bring confidence to all who are in doubt, with their rich knowledge, experience, smile and outstanding energy.

They will teach you how to use every inch of snow in the best way and point out how to leave your mark on most of the tracks of this beautiful mountain in the most possible and beautiful way.

Thus, there is no place for excuses and no place for fear either! Do not be doubtful or lazy, but use all the advantages of winter idyll that is still going on, enjoy yourself and have a good fun- you are safe with us. We are expecting you!