…or three reasons why the activities at Kopaonik this year are a MUST!

"Winter is coming, so does winter magic. What we especially like this season for is the fact that we can enjoy our favourite mountains at last.“

Right, this is how an introduction and invitation for the winter holiday would look like only a year ago. However, 2020 surprised us all and brought us numerous temptations, obstacles and unexpected situations. Needless to say that we are practically constantly exposed to recommendations and certain limitations because of ongoing pandemic.

If you are wondering how you will go on a zbog novonastale situacije, due to current situation, the answer is pretty simple – easily.

In this period of time it is more important to pay attention to your health, , more than we used to do in the previous years. We should take care of the health of our closest ones, and strengthen our immune system. One of our best allies in this task is exactly active stay in the mountains.

Although many people think that the mountain is a place to spend more active kind of holiday, it is much more than that.

Reasons for going on a winter holiday THIS year specifically:

1. Staying on a mountain strengthens our immune system

Strong immune system does not go without saying, it must be worked for. You should eat healthy food, intake enough minerals and vitamins, be physically active and avoid stressful situations as much as possible.

Strong mountain air , that can not be compared to polluted city air, has a very favourable impact on our general health condition.

Mountain air cures both body and soul. Your immune system will be stronger, your blood count will improve, your lungs will be happy and you will generally feel good..

Only a few days in the mountains can neutralise stress. from your body, which was collected there for months.

After staying in the mountains you will be in a much better mood and full of energy.. It is a selfless gift from the mountain and the thing that you can do is to forget about your phone and see for yourself how much you will benefit from this experience.

You are in the mountains and you are closer to the sun more than anywhere else in our country during the winter. Due to the fact that in these months there is a lack of sun and vitamin D, the mountain provides you with these sources of vitality.

It is very important to point out that during your stay outside you should use adequate protection for your eyes, as well as facial creme with SPF factor, because if you are not careful, you can get sunburnt even more than at the seaside!

And of course, fresh mountain air will improve your appetite so you will intake all these necessary vitamins and minerals in your body by eating healthy, local specialties.

2. Mountains move you

In the cities, during the winter, people are mostly passive and are very often reluctant to leave the house. However, while you are in the mountains, the opposite will happen, you will have the need to go out and enjoy the nature and fresh air. What is even more important, due to cold air outside, you will have to be active.

There is no better place to be active in the winter than the mountains. Besides becoming active and improving your immune system, you will have the chance to enjoy winter sports, new adventures and experience other magical things of your active stay in the mountains.

Skiing and snowboarding snowboarding will shake you up, keep you fit and improve your movement coordination.


Still, due to current situation, there are some ongoing modified rules here that are important to follow, that we will discuss in some other post.

It is also important to say that if the rules are adequately followed, they do not stop you from enjoying the magic of the mountain.

3. Kopaonik – regenerating mountain

The third reason why it is important to go on a winter holiday this very year is Kopaonik, too - - one of our most beautiful and most famous mountains. The air at Kopaonik can not be compared to any other place in our country and staying there is a different and unique experience every time.

Dense coniferous woods are here to follow you while you are skiing and snowboarding on supreme ski tracks and to keep you company during light walks.

What Kopaonik has in special offer is the peace,, the thing that many other places do not have any more.

Apart from numerous activities, this mountain is ideal for all those who need quiet and genuine rest from the fast city life and stress.

Idyllic snowy landscapes, beautiful forests and clean air will refresh you and fill you with good energy.

In conclusion…

Do not let youself hibernate, because you will have no benefits from it. Things you can get from being active in the mountains mountains in the winter are the following: : better physical fitness, better health, stronger immune system and better general condition of your body and spirit.