Another winter is coming nearer, and many of us are looking forward to it because one of our favourite activities of this season is awakening: of course, it`s skiing!  

To point out again, there is euphoria but also concerns, because not everyone of us used the summertime in an active way. Many people say there is no adequate physical activity that can match skiing and nothing similar they could do during summer in order to be adequately prepared for the next season.

However, there are amazing alternatives and one of them is – rollerblading. This activity has many similarities with skiing. Body posture while rollerblading is almost identical to skiing and the same groups of muscles are active when moving your body. Numerous researches have shown that rollerblading is an excellent preparatory exercise during summer months for the upcoming ski season.

Benefits of rollerblading are various, as it is with skiing:

  • It is an aerobic exercise that helps strengthening of the cardio-vascular system and diminishes potential risk of coronary diseases and high blood pressure;
  • This activity empowers our lower part of the body, abdominal muscles and upper muscular sections;
  • Unbelievable dynamics of movements is a characteristic of this physical activity. When rollerblading, you can perform a large number of various and very demanding movements and thus improve your coordination and agility;
  • Proper body posture during rollerblading is such that it strengthens abdominal muscles, corrects body posture and prevents backache;
  • If you rollerblade at 16 km/h, you will spend around 360 calories per hour of this recreation. Bear in mind that you will burn fat at the same time and tighten and shape your body as well;
  • Rollerblading can also positively affect your self-confidence.


But again, there are certain differences in these two activities that have to be taken into account. First of all, the equipment, then the surface, the speed you gain while doing them and many other factors. Nevertheless, for skiers, especially beginners, rollerblading is indeed a very practical activity that helps more efficient learning and mastering basics of skiing and elements of technique.

One of the new sports activities with growing popularity is a so-called roller-ski, which speaks for itself how much these two sports are not only similar but interconnected.

Therefore, use these last moments of warm and dry weather and duly prepare yourself for the upcoming ski season and prevent unnecessary abdominal inflammation. Start gaining new victories at full speed, full of adrenaline that only skiing can trigger!